Somali Special Forces End Siege at Nasahablod Hotel Mogadishu, Killing All Al-Shabaab Attackers

SNAOn Tuesday 5th July 2016, Al-Shabaab attacked Nasahablod Hotel in Mogadishu killing 16 people and injuring 24 others in a twin bomb attack.

Al-Shabaab which is employing the same tactic in almost all its attacks used a car laden with explosives which rammed into the entrance door of the Nasahablod Hotel. After the explosive attackers entered into the hotel and started shooting randomly.

Somali Special Forces unit ‘Danab’ responded to the attack ending the siege and killing all the attackers as confirmed Somali minister of security Abdirzak Omar Mohammed.

Those injured were rushed to Mogadishu hospitals for treatment.

At least 16 people killed and 24 injured in Mogadishu hotel attack Tuesday

The twin blast claimed by Al-Shabaab comes as the country marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan and just few days ago after the militants conducted another similar attack at Ambassador Hotel which is blocks away from the Tuesday target.

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