Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Vows to Eradicate Militants As He Offers Peace Talks

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has vowed to eradicate militant groups in Somalia within two years and offered its leaders ceasefire talks.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, better known as Farmajo, made the remarks at ceremony marking the 57th anniversary of the foundation of the Somali National Army, which was held at the compound of the Ministry of Defense in Mogadishu.

The president vowed to finish up more than a decade insurgency of Al-Shabaab trying to topple the Somali government.

He also added that his government, therefore, is calling on Al-Shabaab leaders and ISIS to engage in peace talks so that they can benefit from the amnesty before they are forcibly dislodged from their hideouts across the country.

We confirm to the Somali people that we are prepared and within two years’ period we will eradicate Al-Shabaab from all areas they are present in Somalia,the president said

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