Somali President Announces Drastic Reforms To Country’s Security Sector

Somali President  Hassan Sheikh Mohamud
Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud


Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, in statement issued in Somalia on Thursday 10th September, announced the rigorous changes required in the security sector to improve its efficacy.

The statement was in line with the recent commitment to reform the Somali Police Force into a more integrated, accountable and transparent force along with the other security agencies in Somalia.


President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of Somalia announced major changes in the Somali Police Force in a statement issued on Thursday September 10th. In his statement he termed the changes as ‘constructive steps’ towards transforming the security sector into an integrated, accountable, transparent and reliable.

Some of the reforms include:

  • Ensuring regular and timely pay for the security sector personnel
  • Intensive count of the number of troops in the forces affirmed by an additional count by international representative expected in the next three months
  • Financial review on all security agencies in the country
  • Exposing the security sector to rigorous oversight and monitoring to ensure transparency in recruitment, purchases and personnel salaries.

The reforms announced are aimed at being able to identify and flash out and militants and saboteurs embedded in the security forces that have with the aid of AMISOM, UN peacekeepers and other international actors been re-equipment and changing the face of the security forces in Somalia.

Recruits that are joining the police training have been subjected to all-inclusive intensified vetting in a bid to establish their commitment to the cause of a stable, safe and secure Somalia.

Furthermore the Federal Government of Somalia has urged the international community to help fund their security sector to increase its capacity and capability to defeat the al Shabaab and likewise maintain the areas that have been recaptured of the militants that signify approximately 75% of previously Al Shabaab-held area.

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