Somali Pirates Release Oil Tanker & Crew after a Week in Captivity

Latest reports from Somali’s semi-autonomous state of Puntland indicate that the commercial vessel that was hijacked was released together with the crew after almost one week in captivity.

According to a Mowlid Hassan, an officer with Puntland Maritime Police Forces, the vessel and crew was released with no ransom to the pirates.

The release was negotiated by local leaders and pirates representatives who seized the vessel carrying oil on Monday.

Security official Ahmed Mohamed said the pirates have left the ship, which is now heading to Bossaso port, the region’s commercial hub.

Earlier on Thursday, at least two Puntland soldiers were wounded after they exchanged gunfire with the pirates.

The number of attacks by Somali pirates has dropped significantly in the past five years. This was the first reported attack on a merchant vessel off the coast of Somalia in more than five years.


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