Somali NISA and AMISOM Troops Thwart Al Shabaab Attack


  • On 7th July the Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) soldiers backed by AMISOM troops raided a house in Karaan district in Southern Somalia.
  • Somali authorities reported a heavy explosion that occurred inside the house.
  • At least one person who was reportedly preparing improvised explosive device (IED) died in the house whose occupiers are said to be Al Shabaab sympathizers.
  • Troops dismantled Al Shabaab secret cells that have been operating in the district.


Al Shabaab has been weakened as a military and political force since being driven out of the Somali capital Mogadishu by African Union forces.

Since then, the group has lost several other important towns including Barawe, Kismayu, Bardhere and Diinsoor which it relied on as a source of revenue and supplies.

On 7th August 2015, the troops engaged Al Shabaab militants in a fierce fight and recaptured and took control of several key areas, Garsani and Nur Fanah settlements in Hiiraan region from the militants.

Operation Jubba Corridor offensive against Al Shabaab has overwhelmed the militants who are fleeing and leaving key several towns in Somalia.

The operation is aimed at clearing Al-Shabaab militants from their remaining rural areas in the region to lift the blockade and give local residents access to the supply routes.



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