Somali Army, AMISOM Repel Al-Shabaab Fighters after Heavy Fighting at KM-50, Lower Shabelle Region

Somali Army (SNA) along with African Union troops (AMISOM) managed to repel Al-Shabaab fighters after a heavy fight at KM-50 area in Lower Shabelle region.

Military reports indicate that the fight erupted on Monday night after Al-Shabaab fighters staging an ambush attack on Somalia and AMISOM’s military bases in the area.

The allied forces quickly responded to the gun fire overwhelming the enemy.

Using heavy and small weaponry which included artillery fire and RPGs, SNA backed by AMISOM troops felled a number of militants while others retreated after being overpowered and running out of ammunition.

 Senior security analyst at Strategic Intelligence warned that in the coming days, Harakat Al-Shabaab Al-Mujahideen movement (HSM) will focus its terrorism strategy to the Somali National Army and the political class.

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