Somali Army & AMISOM Forces Kill 7 Al-Shabaab Militants in Gedo, Southern Somalia

SNA clean-up operation in Lower ShabelleLatest military reports from Somalia indicate that Somali army backed by AMISOM forces killed 7 Al-Shabaab militants in a fierce combat at Surayo locality, approximately 15 kilometers from Burdhubo town in Gedo region, southern Somali.

According to Aden Mohamed Ahmed, a security official in Surayo area, the joint forces raided Al-Shabaab militants’ base killing seven militants and fully taking control of the locality.

One Somali government soldier was killed and another injured in the crossfire.

Al-Shabaab militants in Gedo region have been ordering locals to pay large amount of money failure to which they have been threatening with attacks.

Al-Shabaab which has been crashed by SNA and AMISOM forces has hugely suffered economically and now the militant group linked to Al Qaeda is struggling in financing its operations; resulting to extortion on innocent Somalia locals.

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