SNA Nets Al-Shabaab Militants in Security Sweep in Bakol Southwest Somalia

ArrestedBAKOL Southwest Somalia, March 21, 2016

Security sweeps targeting Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia continues with reports indicating that three Al-Shabaab fighters were on Sunday arrested by Somalia National Army (army) in Garasweyne neighborhood in Bakol region of southwest Somalia.

Governor of Bakol region Mohamed Mo'alim while addressing local and international media confirmed that SNA conducted security sweeps in Garasweyne near Hudur town aimed at flushing out terrorists linked to Al-Shabaab after receiving a tip off that the militants had planted a landmine there.

"Somali National Army conducted successful operation here in Garasweyne near Hudur town. They have captured several Al-Shabaab militants who were behind landmines hid in the area. They will get what deserve and will get justice," Mo'alim said.

According to Mo'alim SNA stymied the terrorist attack, recovered mobile phone and remote control devices in which the Islamist fighters wanted to blow up army vehicles passing by.

The Al Qaeda branch in Somalia is facing complete decimation having been dislodged from Bakol region three years ago. The militant group is facing a major onslaught from SNA backed by African Union troops (AMISOM).

In the past week the Islamist group has suffered huge blows whereby more than 60 of its fighters have been killed, camp in Sindigow destroyed, weapons including 19 AK 47 rifles, three rocket propelled grenades and a pistol were recovered.

On Sunday 20th March 2016, KDF soldiers operating in Ras Kamboni, killed 13 Al Shabaab militants and arrested the group’s field operations commander in yet another confrontation with the insurgent group.

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