SNA Kill 18 Al-Shabaab Terrorists in a Botched Army Base Attack in Barire

Somali National Army (SNA) reportedly killed 18 Al-Shabaab terrorists who had earlier attempted to breach in and attack a military base in Barire in southern part of the Horn of Africa nation.

According to SNA commander in the region Shegow Ahmed, six government soldiers including a senior commander succumbed from injuries sustained from the attack after a suicide bomber rammed explosive-laden vehicle in the military base.

Shegow Ahmed confirmed that Al-Shabaab militants had attacked SNA base from three directions, east, south and north but were fiercely resisted. Heavy fighting broke out lasting several hours. In this clash the brave SNA soldiers battled on and killed 18 Al-Shabaab terrorists on the spot.

Through pro-militants media, Al-Shabaab military spokesman claimed that they killed 17 soldiers and that   they had overran the SNA military camp.

Shegow Ahmed laughed off the claims saying there are for propaganda and warfare strategy employed by humiliated enemy who will be eliminated in fullness of time.


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