SNA and AMISOM Troops Take Village from Al-Shabaab Militants in Central Somalia


Wednesday 6th April 2016, Ethiopia troops battling Al-Shabaab under the banner of AMISOM clashed with the militant group near El Bur town in Galgaduud region of central Somalia.

Corresponding reports from residents indicate, the militant group fighters ambushed Ethiopian army convoy near Elbur.

Ethiopian army who were travelling from El bur to Galcad village to deliver supply to their bases were ambushed by Al-Shabaab.

Fierce fight erupted lasting for hours at Ulo-Jaran village which fall under El Bur town.

Military reports indicate that Ethiopian troops got backing from SNA and the forces managed to take control of the village. Al-Shabaab casualties reported while several managed to retreat with wounds.

The Al Qaeda-affiliated Islamist group, Al Shabaab continues to wage attacks in an effort to topple the Western-backed government to impose strict version of Sharia law.


The Islamist terrorists in the recent past weeks have suffered huge blows with reports indicating that over 1,500 of their fighters have been killed since the beginning of 2016.

Al-Shabaab military capabilities have been weakened, however, the militants are still persistent and regularly and have turned surprise hit and run attacks to Somali Govt army bases and AMISOM soldiers.

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