SNA, AMISOM Forces Kill Al Shabaab Commander & Destroy Base in Bakol Raid

Somali government soldiers take position during a clash with suspected Al -Shabab fighters ambush.


Sunday 6th December 2015, a senior Al Shabaab commander was killed in south-western of Bakol region in the latest fighting with Somalia National Army supported by AMISOM forces.

According to a report by a Somali government official, Tiyeglow District Commissioner Mohamed Abdullai, the Al Qaeda affiliated Al Shabaab jihadist fighter was killed in a fierce fight when SNA backed by African Union peacekeepers condoned on their training and logistics base in El Garas village.

The militants engaged the government and AU allied forces in heavy gun fight but were overpowered. Dozens Al Shabaab militants were killed in the Sunday raid with the heavy artillery destroying the El Garas militant’s base.

SNA and AMISOM forces continue to inflict heavy losses to the Somali based jihadist group.

The militant outfit is facing rivalry within it faction and it military strength has significantly dwindled.

Somali government and AMISOM contingents in various sectors have battled and dislodged Al Shabaab elements in various localities across Somalia.

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