Senior Kenyans Supporting Al-Shabaab Activities in the Country

uk in a jetWhat is of supreme importance in war is to attack the enemy’s strategy; Next best is to disrupt his alliances; The next best is to attack his army, The worst policy is to attack cities.

Al-Shabaab has perfected this strategy. They have attacked Kenyans with a wild abandon, caused civil and political unrest by making citizens to doubt the government’s capability to tackle Al-Shabaab attacks, and finally, they have continued to conduct these attacks on civilians and towns.

This capability has been acquired through collaboration with senior Kenyans in both business and political class, according to intelligence reports gathered by SIS.

During his speech, the president painted a picture of who are the local actors besides citing media as being used unwittingly by the Al-Shabaab to amplify the terror attacks.

SIS Is working to unmask these Al-Shabaab sympathizers. They are in the mainstream and socio media serving as terror media outlets.

Intelligence services across the region have coordinated operations to track and net the terror cells which are often used to conduct attacks in the region.

“Profiling these terrorists’ supporters and godfathers in Kenya will go a long way to help the nation understand how people betray their country for vanity. When informed, the nation can be able to unify in addressing national security” David Goldman

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