Senior Al-Shabaab Leader Killed in SNA-Ops in Hilwa Mogadishu, Weapons Seized

A senior leader of Al-Shabaab terrorist group Thursday 16/3/2017 was killed in SNA-operations conducted in Hilwa district of Mogadishu.

According to Benadir region spokesman Abditiftah Halane, SNA special unit following on intelligence cornered the terror leader in the morning operation where he holding a meeting.

The terror figure was felled alongside his bodyguards and seven other Al-Shabaab fighters. Assortment of weapons including AK 47 rifles, hand grenades, mobile phones and cache of rocket propelled grenades were recovered.

 The man identified as Jafar is said to be the head of Al-Shabaab operations in Suqahola in the northern side of Mogadishu.

Separately, joint security forces launched a swoop in another operation in the area and arrested about 30 people over reports that they aid the militants’ terror activities.

The killing of Jafar is a huge blow to Al-Shabaab operations in the area and comes barely a week after a deadly attack near Wehliye hotel in Mogadishu which claimed about 15 lives.


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