Security Heightened in Cameroon Following a Series of Bomb Attacks


  • Cameroonian authorities are currently battling Boko Haram incursion in the northern part of the country.
  • OSINT sources indicate recent twin suicide bombings on Wednesday 22nd July, 2015 commissioned by the Islamic State affiliated terrorist group Boko Haram.
  • On Wednesday 22nd July, Cameroonian authorities reported twin suicide bombs that left 11 people dead and 32 others injured.

Analysis – Boko Haram Threat

Book Haram has been known to use the suicide bombing style to kill civilians especially in Nigeria where the terrorist group intends to curve an Islamic caliphate.

In the July 22nd incidents, a female suicide bomber disguised as a merchant blew herself up at a market in Maroua in the northern side of Cameroon.

The other was a nine-year-old girl disguised as a beggar. In both cases, dozens of people were killed.

In the aftermath of the attacks, Cameroon President Paul Biya has given orders to the military to seal parts of Cameroon’s borders with Nigeria suspected to be used by Boko Haram suicide bombers and fighters to curb further infiltration.

Insurgents Background

The Nigeria based Islamist group Boko Haram continues to extend their attacks in countries neighboring Nigeria including Chad and Cameroon.

Boko Haram fighters are believed to have crossed into Cameroon from Gambaru, a Nigerian border town that had been an extremist stronghold since November but that was retaken by troops in February 2015.

The insurgents’ attacks have especially intensified in Maroua, the capital of Cameroon’s Far North region, which has been plagued by Boko Haram attacks for the last two years. Over the past two years they have stepped up abductions and deadly raids in the frontier region with Nigeria.

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Cameroonian security officers have beefed on their security check routines while checking travelers. Important border entries into the country have also been closed indefinitely and remain under the military vigilant guard.

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