Security Agencies Launch Investigation on Suspects for Financing Somalia-based Al-Shabaab Terrorists

Kenyan security agencies launched investigation on Woman in Nairobi’s Umoja suburbs following reports that she has been sending money to her sons believed to have joined Somalia-based Al-Shabaab terrorist group.

The woman is among the key suspects who have been on police radar over offering financial support the Al-Qaeda branch in Somalia.

Initial police investigations indicate that the woman who runs several businesses in Umoja uses conduits while sending the money to her son based in Somalia.

Kenyan Al-Shabaab operatives based in Somalia, among them Ahmed Iman Ali aka Abu Zinira, senior Al Shabaab middle-level commander who is in charge of media propaganda for the terror group. Erick Achayo Ogada aka Ibrahim Ogada and Kennedy Yogan Mwok aka Anwar, have been getting their money reportedly from stalls they own in Gikomba market.

Kenya security agencies have been keen on the operations inhibiting financing from Majengoi and Gikomba stalls thus Kenyan terror operatives in Somalia have resulted in using their families and relatives as conduits of money transfer to Somalia.

Police have been following on their partners and investigations reveal the Somalia based terror group has taken on the old networks by relying on financial support from their relatives in Kenya.

Notably, the Umoja woman is said to have been sending her son, identified as Ogada and other of his kin who they are together in Somalia.

Further police investigation reveal she manages several businesses and properties owned by the son and herself; collets money and remits to Somalia to aid in their terror operations.

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Police are on the top of the investigation and have unearthed the businesses and residential house in Umoja under her son’s name.

The report, the woman has sent over Sh4 million to her son in Somalia since 2013.

Also listed in the wanted list is Ahmed Iman, aka Abu Zinira, a Kenyan-born engineering graduate of the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, who is suspected to be the leader of Al-Shabaab’s Kenyan-dominated Jaysh Ayman. He is believed to receive finances through conduit from stalls won in Gikomba market, Nairobi.

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