Saudi Military Buildup along its Border with Yemen, Contemplates Direct Military Intervention to Oust Houthis

Saudi Arabia has moved a significant number of troops alongside considerable military hardware to its border with Yemen. Intelligence sources report that the Saudi government has moved entire mechanized infantry divisions to its Southern regions, and in particular areas abutting the Saudi-Yemen border. This comes after the town of Taiz fell into the hands of Houthi fighters on Sunday.

The Saudis are increasingly alarmed at the gains made by the Shiite Houthis in Yemen, including their capture of Sanaa, the capital city of the Red Sea Arab nation. Saudi reservations are further compounded by the fear that Iran – its regional rival – intends to establish bases in Yemen from which to subvert the Saudi Kingdom by fomenting insurgency in the Shiite-dominated provinces of Saudi Arabia.

Intelligence assessments indicate that the Saudi government intends to directly intervene in the ongoing Yemen civil war on the side of the Sunni-affiliated camp led by former president, Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi. The Sunni fighters are currently based in Southern Yemen where they have teamed up with leagues of al Qaeda legions to launch a sectarian insurgency. Both the US and Saudi Arabia back the Sunni militants as Iran contemplates relocating some of its Hezbollah forces to the Yemeni battlefront.

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