Russian Launches Missiles From Caspian Sea On 11 Islamic State Targets In Syria

Russian missilesRussian warships in the Caspian Sea on Wednesday 7th October launched rocket strikes on Islamic State positions in Syria.

The 1500km- range rockets targeted 11 Daesh positions destroying them. The 26 sea-based cruise missiles were launched from 4 Russian warships in the Caspian Sea.

Russian has also provided aerial cover for the Syrian troops on the ground as the conduct their direct offensive on the Takfiri. Russia has maintained its position of helping Syria rid of all terrorists not just particularly the Islamic State that is most notorious.

The change in tactics by Russia of preferring to launch the missiles as opposed to normal airstrikes is still not explained despite speculations of Russia’s military capability expression.

The main positions of the militants bombed and destroyed were command and control centers as well as ammunition bases. The missiles are an additional continued streak of victory by the Russian military over Islamic State since the launch of the campaign.

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