Russia Warplanes Precision Strikes Hit ISIL Training Camp & Strategic Command Center

Russian MiG-31 Fighter Jet
Russian MiG-31 Fighter Jet
Russian MiG-31 Fighter Jet

Beginning Wednesday and now Friday 2nd October 2015, Russian Su-34 warplanes continue on their offensives against ISIL targets in Syria.

In the recent strikes, ISIL training camp a strategic command camp and other militant infrastructure in southwest Town of Raqa was destroyed by the aerial bombardments.

In the past 24 hours Russia has conducted 12 airstrikes against terrorists in Syria. A terrorist headquarters and an ammunition depot were destroyed near Idlib, as were a fortified three-level command center near Hama.

Russia military operation in Syria has raised criticism from US citing Russia is running parallel military operations to protect the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad whom US want to be removed and calling on Moscow to stop targeting Syrian opposition forces.

But in a rejoinder, Russia vowed to intensify campaigns against ISIL targets. Russia on the other side downplayed about the said ‘moderate militants’ who have been trained by the US.

President Vladimir Putin has faced Western leaders as he arrives in Paris for the first time since starting the bombing campaign, amid mounting criticism of the strikes.

Russia insist that it is bombing ISIL fighters and other militants groups while U.S. and Western nations believe it is trying to shore up its long-time ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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