Russia To Deliver S-300 Surface-to-Air Missile Defense Systems To Iran

Moscow to deliver S-300 missilesOSINT SUMMARY

15th February 2016, Moscow is set to deliver S-300 missile system to Iran in ‘nearest time’ country’s Foreign Ministry has revealed.

According to Zamir Kabulov of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russia will the S-300 surface-to-air missile defense systems to Iran as part of a long running contract between Tehran and Moscow.

Kabulov told RIA Novosti news agency on Monday that the deliveries will be made soon.

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan, while heading to Moscow on Monday 15th February 2016, had on February 10 hinted that Tehran will take delivery of the first batch of the S-300 missile defense systems in the first quarter of 2016.The Islamic Republic of Iran will receive the second batch by the first half of 2016 he added.

Kabulov also noted that Islamic Republic of Iran has also shown interest in buying the more advanced S-400 missile systems though they have not started any negotiations.

In April 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin lifted a previous ban on the delivery of S-300 to Iran culminating to signing of a new contract to supply Iran with the System in November 2015.

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