Russia, China to Conduct Joint Military Exercise


Russia and China are set to hold their first ever joint military exercise to improve cooperation and coordination between their militaries.

The joint exercise will be a computer-assisted anti-missile drill expected to kick off later in May 2016 at a military research center in Russia.

Reports from China Daily cited a source at China’s Defense Ministry on Thursday saying the drill is designed to help the military of two country share tactics and familiarize themselves with respective command structures and data transmission processes.

Russia, China joint military exercise comes at a time when Asia-Pacific region is engulfed in tensions over several issues among them military presence of extra-regional forces from United States.

Recently, U.S and South Korea discussed plans to deploy missile system in the South aimed to counter perceived threat from North Korea

China and Russia on the other hand are concerned about US military presence and activities in the region and have in particular warned Washington and Seoul to drop the plan for the deployment of the missile system saying the plans are unjustified and a potential security threat.

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