Renewed Fighting Between South Sudan Army and Unknown Gunmen Leaves 20 Killed

south-sudanese-govt-soldiersAt least 20 people have reportedly been killed and 10 others wounded inn renewed fighting witnessed in Yei River state's Kaya, in Yambio, and in the former Upper Nile state between the government soldiers and unknown gunmen.

Media reports that the government pointing a finger at the opposition geing behind the latest attacks.

At around 6 o’clock in the morning, unknown gunmen opened fire at a small area called Hai Kuba, a residential area. Sound of gunshots prompted people to flee from the area according to Gbudue State Information Minister, Joseph Natale Sabun.

Sabun praised police and government soldiers who managed to repulse the attackers taking control of the town. He confirmed that some civilians were killed during the attack.

“There are about three to four injured and some dead," Sabun said. "And a place called Nakpere is also affected; maybe two to three people were killed there. Now our police forces are looking around collecting the dead.” Sabun was quoted saying.

Sabun called on Yambio residents to stay calm, assuring them that government security forces will continue patrolling the town to prevent further attacks.

In a separate attack in Yei River State's border town of Kaya on Wednesday, at least 13 people were reported killed, including government forces, according to state officials.

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