Rage of Innocence; Children Recruitment in ISIS Continues

The recruitment of children into the dreaded ISIS continues with some new entrants being as young as five. According to Mr. Abu Mohammed who is a resident of Mosul in Iraq, the young soldiers dresses in full military combat are seen holding weapons of death and not your ordinary play toys.

Shocking training videos of these young soldiers, shows adult trainers using sticks to beat them mercilessly, forcing them break some pieces of concrete harden blocks with their bare heads.  During these training sessions of martial art, they are also taught how to handle prisoners.

Most of these young recruits are the children of the ISIS fighters who are sending the signal that the terror group is expanding, the emphasis of more children recruitment is for publicity to show that the group has multigenerational fighters and will much on even if its current leaders are killed, their children will take over the battle.

One narrator of these training videos described the scene as disturbing. It shows the young recruits wearing camouflage military gears watching enthusiastically as another boy strip apart a deadly machine gun.

As for now it is hard to celebrate any ISIS losses bearing the fact that their manpower will be replenished with that of their brainwashed children.


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