Radicalized Youths in Mombasa will suffer Criminal and Terrorist Link Records and lose their futures

Hundreds of brainwashed youths in the coastal region of Kenya are destroying their future by engaging in crime and terrorism, sociologists warn.

Mombasa youths subscribing to radical Islam teachings will suffer broken lives and the worst future if the government profiles them by entering their identities in the criminal records databases.

When you have a criminal record, particularly one that confirms your association with terrorists, violent activity, intent to cause harm to others, and lawlessness, no employer let alone the government itself can recruit you, warns Kenya government officials.

The risk these youths are taking is very great and will have catastrophic ramifications in their present and future lives. Kenya is growing rapidly and with new security-economic policies in place, the likelihood of destroying criminal and terror cells are very possible. That scenario will isolate these young men.

Mombasa has become a hotbed for Muslim radicalization. Muslim youths are taking over Mosques and imposing leadership. These youths have been attempting terrorist-like strategies to take-over the area. Sociologists warn that parents may have failed to provide guidance thus the decline in well natured young men.

Mombasa is facing a challenge and a serious threat posed by terrorists and joblessness as the county economy dips to the ailing tourism sector.

Intelligence gathered by Strategic Intelligence shows the decline in tourism has factored increased radicalization due to joblessness. Idle youths are joining these Islamic movements since they no-longer have anything to do. The hotels used to offer jobs and business to a huge part of the youths, the trickle-down effect of the problem is factoring the radicalization.

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The problem will be the bleak future of these young men. They will have no place in a decent modern society once we fix the security situation and nip radicalization. They have hope by denouncing these criminal activities.

Kenya will not have a place for criminals and terrorists associates, asserts lead intelligence analysts David Goldman, most of these youths will either get killed in their violent endeavors, or live as very poor and frustrated citizens.






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