Puntland State Forces Advance on Qandala Coastal Town, Kill Several pro-ISIL Militants

Puntland State Forces continue to advance on the coastal town of Qandala killing several militants aligned to ISIL.

The forces on the first day of operation killed seven ISIL terrorists and on the second day three more militants were killed.

On Monday the forces recaptured Obolodhe valley which lies on the outskirts of Qandala.

The forces estimates the number of militants in Qandala to be between 100 and 300 fighters.

The military’s progress on Qandala has been slowed by roadside bombs, laid by ISIL fighters along the main roads, according to the military officials.

The operation to retake Qandala back from the ISIL began exactly one week ago. The militants led by their leader, Abdikadir Muumin captured the town in October this year.

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