Public Awareness on Terrorist Threats; Be Aware. Be Warned. Terrorists Want to Kill You

Through terrorist threat alerts, the public is warned to be on the watch for “suspicious activity” and to maintain a “heightened state of alert.

This itself is the single most vital element of preempting terror. The terrorists cannot bypass both security and human shield undetected.

Public Should look for the following in their participation in war on terror.

Terror Threat Indicators

This often involves conducting reconnaissance visits or stationary surveillance of a target for weeks or even months. Citizens are often in an excellent position to recognize threat indicators associated with target surveillance. For example, a waitress in a diner may notice that two men who come in every morning always request a seat by a certain window.

The same two men stay for a long time and seem more interested in activity outside of the window than talking. Whenever they do talk, they become quiet when someone approaches their table or the men quickly change their topic of discussion.

This type of activity should be regarded as highly suspicious (especially if the window provides a view of an ideal terrorist target, such as a government building, shopping mall, or symbolic commercial building).

People who loiter for very long periods of time, people who seem to take strong interest in a particular facility or building, or anyone who seems self-conscious or nervous while photographing or videotaping a location should be regarded as suspicious.

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