Possible Cyber Attack Cripples Turkish Electric Infrastructure

Turkey is currently suffering a power outage that has affected dozens of cities as well as disabled several critical national infrastructures. Numerous businesses and service providers were also affected, especially those without power backups; and for those with power back-ups – their operations were inhibited by lack of third party support. Taner Yildiz, the energy minister of Turkey, has hinted at the possibility of a cyber-attack crippling the Turkish power grid. Nonetheless, ┬áthe minister has stated that all possible causes are being considered.

Police officers are currently deployed across all major roads in the affected cities in order to ease the traffic jam after the traffic signals went off due to the power outage. The energy ministry has acknowledged that the power outage was caused by faults in the power transmission grid which led to disruption of power supply to over 40 cities as other cities continued to receive their allocated power allotment.

About a week ago, Western Intelligence agencies warned that several states are shoring up the offensive capabilities of their national cyber armies in anticipation of the new cyber arms race. Moreover, Israeli Intelligence gave explicit warning that certain nation-state actors do intend to cripple the critical national infrastructures of their rivals as well as incapacitate the virtual capabilities of their adversaries.

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