Paul Ryan and Obama Clash Over Healthcare and Demagoguery

Paul Ryan and President Barrack Obama got into an angry exchange over debts and GOP plans to overhaul the healthcare plan.

In a pointed exchange Paul Ryan suggested that the president was becoming dictatorial and that his decisions and proposals were not good.

Ryan referred Obama actions as engaging in demagoguery during the private meeting at the Whitehouse.

President Obama had met with the members of the House Republican caucus in the East Room to bridge differences over spending and the American debt limit when he got into a pointed exchange with Paul.

However Paul Ryan explained to the media about why he got into an exchange with Obama.

“That’s not exactly what I said, I said we’ve got to take on this debt and if we demagogue each other at the leadership level, then we’re never going to take on our debt.” He explained to SIN.

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