Pangani Blast, Car Bomb Terrorists Were Targeting Live Television Event

Two suicide bombers detonated a bomb inside a police station in Kenya killing two police officers.

The terrorists were driving a salon car when they were intercepted by police.

Intelligence reports confirm that the terrorists vehicle was driving on the wrong side when police intercepted it.

Two police officers boarded the vehicle and directed the driver to the Pangani police station while a patrol vehicle trailed the vehicle.

Police flagged down the vehicle but did not check if it was laced with explosives. That’s the flip side but they saved many lives, a security analysts points out.

The vehicle upon entering the station was detonated. The bomb blast was huge and was heard in areas far away from the station.

Intelligence shows there was a live television event nearby and this could have been the target.

The reason why they were driving on the wrong side means they were in such a hurry to be somewhere on time.

It explains well the rush, probably the event was about to end and they were attempting to make it just when people were about to leave or detonate the bomb in a crowd during the live television broadcast.

On the other hand, the Pangani Blast may have been that, these terrorists just wanted to be arrested and directed to a police station just to detonate there.

As such, they decided just to drive on the wrong side, caught the police attention and upon reaching the target, detonated and they had their Pangani Blast.

Police in Kenya have so far done a great job neutralizing these threats on the country.

Kenya is still conducting Operation Usalama to isolate aliens from refugees and close on profiled terrorists hiding as either of these people.



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