Outlook;Deported Islamic States Terror Group Members Arrested in Kenya

On Saturday 18th 2017, Kenya Counter Terrorism agents arrested 26 year old Nasra Hyder Faiz and 20 year old Salim Mohammed Rashid in the coastal tourist and port city of Mombasa. Both have been confirmed by intelligence services as members of the terrorist group Islamic States (ISIS).

Nasra Hyder Faiz and Salim Mohammed Rashid were deported by Turkish security services after they were intercepted by Turkish Counter Terrorism police after they crossed the border with Syria (   Turkish Counter Terrorism Department units investigate terror incidents, collect evidences, detain suspects and perform the judicial process. The Intelligence Department and its provincial branches collect intelligence on counter terrorism, make analysis and assessments, and support operational units in their counter terrorism duties.)                                                            

According to Turkish National Intelligence Organization, Nasra Hyder Faiz and Salim Mohammed Rashid entered Turkey from Syria through a border area and routes used by Islamic States Terror group Logisticians. There is every possibility they had left training fields radicalized and off for a mission.

On November 2016, The Turkish National Intelligence Organization shared intelligence about Nasra Hyder Faiz and Salim Mohammed Rashid with Kenya’s National Intelligence Service. Upon deportation to Kenya, the suspects were placed under surveillance by intelligence services. Upon confirming communication with other suspected terrorist operatives, counter terrorism police in Mombasa arrested the 2. The duo revealed another set of ISIS cells bringing the number to 4 operatives.

The ATPU was granted 21 days by a Mombasa court to hold the operatives and conduct investigations. The evidence from the investigations will be used in a speedy prosecution of the terrorists.

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However, most disturbing of these events is the evidence by authorities on ‘very many’ youths having joined terrorism only to be frustrated but radicalized. They are returning home with nothing but hatred and skills for killing, thus making dangerous dormant cells. Literary, surveillance and rehabilitation may prove to be effective intervention but security agents must remain vigilant to preempt activation of dormant cells.


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