Outgoing Somalia Ambassador to Kenya; Not All Somalis Are Terrorists

Outgoing Somalia ambassador to Kenya Mohamed Nur is now calling on the Kenyan government to be more vigilant in profiling terror suspects since not all Somalis are terrorists.

The fight against al-Qaeda affiliated group, Al Shabaab has been a joint effort (for Kenya and Somalia) in clearing these terrorists off Somalia and some who are based in neighboring countries, adds Nur.

Longest serving Somalia ambassador to Kenya further indicated that both governments should handle any terror attack as a criminal act by an individual to avoid marginalization of particular nationalities.

The ambassador, who is returning to Mogadishu after serving in Kenya since 2007 adds that such marginalization could lead more young men into joining these militants who are easily luring civilians using money, power and short-lived fame.

Outgoing Somalia Ambassador Grateful to Kenya

Ambassador Nur has however thanked Kenya for sheltering close to a million Somalia refugees at the Dadaab Camp over the last two decades.

The Ambassador further thanked the Kenya Defence Forces who have been working with other AMISOM troops to bring back peace and stability back to Somalia.

These troops have successfully conducted operations against the Al Shabaab militia groups and liberates most of the towns which Al Shabaab had captured, the latest being Kuday.

Mohamed Nur has however stated that he will further spread the message of fighting against terrorism back to Mogadishu. Nur added that he will be meeting his countrymen and women at home and in the diaspora to preach reconciliation among the affected tribes.

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