Open Borders, Trade Within Africa; To Bolster Africa’s Economic Growth: Uhuru Kenyatta

Uhuru Kenyatta, the president of the Republic of Kenya, during the Pan African Parliament in Midrand urged all African countries to open up their borders and trade with one another.

He expressed his concerns on the untapped potential that lies within Africa that is inhibited by the closed borders and the reluctance of African states to trade with each other.

Mr. Kenyatta told the member present that they needed to work together to unleash Africa full position within the continent and abroad. These sentiments were mainly directed at South Africa who in the last month witnessed very heavy xenophobic attacks on foreign traders.

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The East African country president challenged all the members present to use the available resources in the country to create jobs for their youth and avoid being dependent on foreign aid. The president said this as Kenya is leading from the front as she is putting up a lot of projects that are creating jobs for the youth in Kenya.

Kenya has forged a lot of partnership especially with her neighbors that include joint projects that will help the East African region scale greater economic heights. Some of the projects like the LAPSSET project that connects the entire region.

The East Africa powerhouse has opened up her borders that has seen her economic growth reach to the third fastest in globally and the fastest in Africa.

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