Oil Production Stopped in South Sudan

Oil production has stopped in the Unity State of South Sudan after rebels fighting the government in Juba captured the capital Bentiu.

The rebels have ordered all oil firms operating in the Unity State to close down immediately and evacuate all the oil workers stationed in the State.

Government soldiers were pushed out of Bentiu midday Tuesday after several days of intense fighting, intelligence reports compiled by Strategic Intelligence OSINT confirms.

Major oil companies drilling and producing oil in the Unity State have started closing down their facilities in adherence to the rebels order.

The rebels have warned that any oil company in the Unity State that refuses to comply with the order risks forced closure and is putting its oil workers in grave danger.

South Sudan has huge oil deposits some of which are already tapped and are the main source of the countries economic pride.Rebels fighting the government in Juba are splinter units of SPLA after a failed coup by former vice president Riek Marchar failed.

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