Oil Discovery in Somalia Calls on the World Rapers

Canadian firm Africa Oil has discovered huge oil deposits in Puntland Somalia.

Drilling in Puntland by the Canadian firm Africa Oil began last month and pipes to pipe the crude have been laid in what seems to be a well planned process.

Kenya defense forces helped British and Americans find Somalia a lucrative destination for oil exploration and export companies hence the scramble for a piece of the Somali pie.

Huge oil discoveries have been made in Somalia promising huge returns and economic returns for Somalia.

The West’s insatiable desire for oil continues to guide it to manage conflicts and Somalia has become so tempting that investing military and monetarily is worth the risk.

An oil rich Somalia is good for the US and Britain, it promises hefty returns regardless of the costs.

British Special Forces will be sent in Somalia to hunt down Al-Shabaab commanders and help crush the leadership of the terrorist organization that has ruled Somalia with an iron fist.

United States has pledge millions of dollars to facilitate rehabilitation and reconstruction of Somalia as more freebies come the Somali way.

However, this scramble for Somalia is hardly in response to the peace building efforts initiated by Kenya Defense Forces that have assailed months of battle in the Southern strongholds of the militants.

Its the promise of oil and huge fiscal returns from investing in Somali and its oil that has sent the West scrambling and pledging peace, support, and money to the Somali and those trying to bring peace.

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Oil has been the driving fore behind western caused conflicts including Libya where the leader Muammar Gaddaffi was murdered.

Huge oil discoveries in Somalia in the north and the promise of a share of it by the Somali prime minister, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali has whetted the interests of the world rapers.

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