Odinga Digging his Political Grave in Kenya

Recent events in Kenya portray a nation in political crisis and international community pressure to put its act together besides provide insight regarding their political future.

However, something etched from the chronology of events, nerves have been lost and leadership skills and responsibilities downtrodden in pursuit of clearing the mist about public policy and opinion.

The victim of the rife situation and the circumstances is Odinga who has started randomly telling away about his weakness and lack of a critical mass respite.

Odinga took up Kibaki-style of leadership mid 2011, ensuring he does not argue, neither engage in politics of the day rather engage in development and diplomacy to steer the country further ahead economically.

Unfortunately, the success of leadership cannot be traced to him rather to his immediate boss, the president who is wiser and more informed.

Odinga, crafty, well connected internationally, and with dozens of able political wheel-dealers is arguably cornered and has fewer cards to play with on the Kenyan political card game.

When placed in such awkward position frustration manifests and the wisdom long used as an assets no-longer cordons off emotional outbursts and defensive socio-political stances eventually telling away the weaknesses and what motivates the protagonist.

Odinga should have remained firm and undeterred,a strategy often known as the ‘policy of acquiescence’ where the player watches distantly while manipulating and letting events shape a public policy besides a natural cause.

Most likely, Odinga is playing right into the hands of the masterminds of the grand-plan to elicit emotions and vindicate popular opinion ‘he is the man behind ICC efforts on Kenya’.

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The damage has been made in a split second and the ability to reconcile the loss is absolutely an uphill task doomed to fail, hence Odinga has become his worst misgiving at a time he could be wise and amassing political support.

Calls to arrest Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto only creates a ethno-political wedge between Odinga and the two communities these two command.

Adrift with prowess, these two communities determine who becomes the president of the country and hopes of his presidency succumbs to the abyss of intelligence machines set off in rapid motion to stymie his.

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