NISA Officers Arrest Abdi Wahab Khalif Ahmed aka Isse Tarabun, Head of Al-Shabaab’s Amniyaat

NISA officers captured the head of Al-Shabaab intelligence wing known as the Amniyaat. The Amniyaat head was arrested following intelligence tip-off in Somali’s capital Mogadishu on Sunday evening.

Al-Shabaab intelligence operative identified as Abdi Wahab Khalif Ahmed aka Isse Tarabun was captured during a security sweep conducted by the joint security forces (SNA and NISA) in Mogadishu’s Baraka market.

According to Minister of Security, Mohamed Abukar Islow, the operation was planned earlier and executed successfully with the capture of a leader from the terrorist group.

“We have captured Abdiwahab Khaliif aka Isse Tarabun, who is responsible for many unfortunate events in the capital. We have him in custody and he will face the law,” added the Minister.

The Minister lauded the joint security forces for the successful mission, and called to maintain efforts to  flush out terrorist elements from the capital.

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