Nigerian Army Warns of Boko Haram Posing as Hunters & Vigilantes to Hit Soft

Nigeria issues a warningA statement released from The Defence Headquarters of the Nigerian Army has warned of Boko Haram terrorists employing another strategy whereby they are disguising themselves as ‘hunters’ or ‘vigilante’ group members in order to inflict terror to soft targets in affected communities.

The statement was posted on the website of the Nigerian defense headquarters. The statement pointed out that Boko Haram in a desperate move to remain relevant is posing as hunters or vigilantes to evade detection.

Boko Haram in the recent past months has suffered huge blows following coordinated military offensives against their hideouts in Sambisa forest.

 ‘‘The terrorists, after being smoked out of Sambisa forest, in their desperation to wreak havoc on innocent Nigerians and to remain relevant, devised a new tactics of dressing like vigilantes or hunters to deceive unsuspecting members of the public of their true identity,’‘ the statement added.


The military statement cited at an instance of a mass shooting in Adamawa State’s Kuda-Kaya village where a group of Boko Haram terrorists, dressed like vigilantes, opened fire on elated people during a ceremony.

Nigeria security agencies have warned their citizenry to be vigilant and wary of unsubscribed services or presence of vigilantes or hunters in their neighbourhood.

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