Nigerian Army Arrest Fake Identity Card Makers For The Boko Haram

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Security agents in Nigeria have arrested two business men operating a franchise in Maiduguri that produce fake identity cards and other crucial documents for the Boko Haram.

The fake IDs and documents facilitate the free movement of the militants out of Borno State to perform the atrocities on civilians.

The business centre was raided after an arrested member of the Boko Haram confessed outing the location of the franchise.


Two business men in Maiduguri; John Zakariya and Makinta Umar were arrested by the Nigeria security agents after they business center was raided. The business center was used as a front to produce fake national Identity cards and other relevant documents for the Islamist terrorists Boko Haram.

The fake IDs facilitated the free movements of the militants both without and within Borno State. The arrested operators; Umar and Zakariya operated a franchise near post office of Maiduguri area.

A joint investigation by the Military-Other Security Agencies Joint Investigation Centre working on a confession of an arrested Boko Haram Terrorist nabbed the two business operators. During the arrest of the suspects, computers, laptops, memory sticks, still camera, printers among other document making equipment were recovered confirming the illegal fake ID making center.


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