National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) Warns of Al-Shabaab Plans to Attack Ports in Somalia

au_patrol_somaliaSOMALIA, March 16, 2016

The National Intelligence and Security Agency(NISA) on Tuesday 15th March 2016 warned of Al-Shabaab plans to attack national ports in Somalia.

Acting on credible intelligence, NISA warned all national ports in Somalia to tighten  their security in order to preempt any eventuality from the terrorist group Al-Shabaab.

According to event analysis by NISA, the Al Qaeda linked group of Shebab militants who raided sea town of Garacad were in hundreds and were planning to carry out attacks on ports in the country.

NISA got intelligence that the militant group was targeting to strike key economic hubs like Mogadishu, Bosaso and other ports in Somalia only to retreat after learning security forces were well guided on their plans.

Security in key national ports has been heightened with deployment of additional AU/SNA soldiers following the NISA remarks.

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