Nairobi, Kenya Enters List of Top 10 Most Dynamic Cities in the World

Despite the political tantrums witnessed in Kenya, Nairobi, the capital city has remained resilient and subsequently has been listed number 10 of the most dynamic cities of the world according to World Economic Forum.

Nairobi in 2016 has hosted about seven high level conferences including;

1.      The 4th East Africa Oil and Gas Summit & Exhibition (EAOGS)

2.      The Global Partnership on Economic Development Conference

3.      The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

4.      Africa Academy of Management Biennial Conference

5.      The Environmental Cement Africa conference.

6.      The Sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI) Summit

7.      The 2016 ICT4D conference

Innovation and technology are key

The cities that support and nurture technological changes have demonstrated remarkable momentum and taken a more prominent role in shaping our landscape.

Fast-growing Nairobi at number ten is experiencing a development boom, is on the watch list as a regional technology hub.

Other factors include, Environment and housing factors, Short-term versus long-term momentum, Patterns shift politics and economic developments happenings in various countries.

Notably what has become apparent is that, these cities are now becoming more tightly networked and most are outperforming their national economies.

Whether new regional technology hubs such as Nairobi, established global gateways like London, or emerging global cities like Shanghai, these cities integrate change and technology.

Kenya continues to attract global visitors through international forums for public and private companies with 2015 playing a significant role for such opportunities when the country became the first African country to host Pope Francis. US President Barrack Obama's visit also saw 500 US billionaires visit Nairobi.

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