Muslim Seleka Rebel Splinter Declare Autonomous State In The North East Central African Republic

Nourredine Adam CAR rebel leader that declared an autonomous state
Nourredine Adam CAR rebel leader that declared an autonomous state

A Muslim rebel leader in the Central African Republic through his spokesman on December 15th declared his northeastern stronghold an autonomous state. His declaration followed his rejection of the oncoming general elections aimed at ending years of conflict.

Nourredine Adam the leader of splinter group of the Muslim Seleka rebel group declared the northeastern region and called it the Republic of Logone. The spokesman who doubles up as the chief lieutenant said that the declaration was the first step towards gaining independence of the CAR.

In a statement he said, “Muslims are marginalized … The north has been abandoned by the central government. There are no roads, no hospitals and no schools.” The rebel republic went ahead and raised their ‘flag’ bearing horizontal yellow, green and black stripes with a white star.

CAR’s government denounced the republic and called upon all the security forces both international, continental and local to employ all the resources toward neutralizing the ‘terrorists’. UN peacekeepers pulled down the rebel republic’s flag that had been raised in N’Dele town.

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