Muslim cleric Sheikh Iman Ali Named as Al-Shabaab Terrorist Operative in Kenya

Muslim cleric Sheikh Iman Ali name has been made public by the Kenya police service as one of the key Al-Shabaab operative in Kenya offering radical teachings in Mombasa Mosques.

The cleric has been profiled as one of the key teachers of radical Islamic teachings with the intent to radicalize youths through a process of brainwashing the youths to think that fighting in Somalia and involvement in terrorism is allowed by God.

Police in Kenya are using very honest and public means to profile criminals suspected to be sympathetic to terror groups based in Somalia.

Sheikh Iman Ali used to lead prayers at the controversial mosque formerly known as Masjid Mussa now known as Masjid Shuhada and Masjid Sakina now known as Masjid Mujahideen.

To provide the name to the public, the police first gathered intelligence on the clerics communication, associates, and movements. They also gathered video and audio recordings of all his sermons in the mosques.

The police have also talked to witnesses to collaborate their evidence against the cleric.

This strategy is aimed at ensuring there is no public outcry when they arrest the cleric.

Sheikh Iman Ali is the alleged successor of Al-Shabaab operative Sheikh Makaburi who was killed when leaving a court in Mombasa.

Sheikh Iman Ali Al-Shabaab links have been established and police have profiled him as a terrorist sympathizer, operative, and a radical cleric involved in the radicalization and induction of youths into terrorism


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