Morocco Purchases 5 Interceptor 1503 Boats; Combat Terrorism At Mediterranean Coast

Interceptor 1503December 15, 2015: Royal Moroccan Navy in attempts to combat illegal seaborne activities like terrorism and piracy on the Mediterranean coast has ordered 5 Interceptor 1503 Vessels from Damen Shipyard Group.

The Interceptor 1503 is designed for ultra-fast operations with speeds of up to 60 knots and has impeccable resistance to impact making them very efficient and highly maneuverable.

Morocco is slotted to receive the ships starting from June 2016 a very valuable addition to the fleet of ships on the Royal Moroccan Navy’s inventory.

Morocco and other Sahel and Maghreb countries have been used by terrorists as an access route to and from Europe and the Middle East exposing them not only to terrorism agents but also other terror related crimes. The Interceptor 1503 is a very reliable rescue ship will help a lot in saving the lives of the thousands of migrants that drown in the area as they escape into Europe.

Countries within geographic vicinity of the war-torn regions are heavily investing in their Militaries in attempts to improve their capabilities of handling terrorism and terror related crimes.

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