Morocco Outlaws Burqas Cites Security Threat

Morocco has outlawed the production and sale of a full-face Muslim veil known as the Burqa or hijab citing security threat.

Undisclosed Moroccan government officials said the move is necessited with the rise cases of insecurity characterized by terror organizations.

Terror outfits have repeatedly used this garment across the world to perpetrate their vicious crimes.  

The new move by the government has however been contested against by Salafist Muslim leaders who expressed misgivings that the ban will be a first step towards the prohibition of the wearing of the hijab and the niqab in a country whose majority of it population profess Islamism.

Most of them follow a moderate form of Islam, with women mainly wearing the hijab, which does not obscure the face, rather than burqas or niqabs.

The burqa’ – which totally covers a woman leaving her eyes only showing – has been gaining grounds in most Muslim communities globally. Some scholars have forbidden wearing it on the grounds that it is not Islamic in origin, and because it is used improperly.

Morocco is at the forefront of radicalism and the fight against violent extremism/terrorism in the North Africa region following an attack in 2003 in the capital Cassablanca. The attack killed over 40 people.

The burqa ban comes despite Islam’s status as Morocco’s official religion.

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