Military Operation That Saw Garissa Raid Planner Mohamed Kuno Gamadhere Killed in Somalia

Mohamed-Kuno killedEVENT SUMMARY

June 1st 2016,  A Toyota Land cruiser leaves the Somali town of Bulogudud located some 30 kilometers north of Kismayo very early in the morning.

Two U.S. military helicopters immediately come flying alongside the vehicle.

The war plane shone some light on the car and fires flares meaning the troops wanted the occupants of the vehicle to stop and surrender.

Military intelligence report indicate that the four occupants got out of the vehicle and instead of surrendering spread out and began to fire at the helicopters.

Somali ‘Danab’ commandos aboard the military helicopters fired back killing all four.

The troops then landed to ascertain the targets were all killed including the most wanted terrorist on Kenya security list.

Mohamed Mohamud Abdullahi, a man also known as Dulyadeyn, Kuno or Abu Fatuma, the name he was widely known by within his jihadist group, Al-Shaabab was killed alongside three other jihadists.

 Kuno, a Kenyan national of Somali descent was highly sought by Somalia and Kenyan authorities for his role in planning attacks in Kenya and notably his role in Garisa University attack that left 148 students killed in April 2, 2015.

According Ahmed Moallim Fiqi, the former director of Somalia’s National Intelligence Agency, Kuno was heavily relied on by the militant group describing him a hard-line jihadist who was a field commander and “good at operations.”

Kuno had massively recruited a lot of fighters for Al-Shabaab included Swahili people who he sent back across the border to conduct attacks.

Kuno’s remains were displayed briefly in Kismayo alongside that of a junior Al-Shabaab official identified as Farhan; Kuno’s nephew, who was his driver; and a bodyguard.

Killing of Kuno will have a huge impact on Al-Shabaab operations before the group find another commander to match his expertise.


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