Migrant Crisis: UK Agrees To Deploy Royal Navy Warship to Libya

 The capsizing of a boat in the Mediterranean was caught on camera by the Italian navy this week

The capsizing of a boat in the Mediterranean was caught on camera by the Italian navy this week


UK agreed to deploy Royal Navy warship to the Mediterranean to help tackle arms smuggling in Libya.

Speaking during the G7 summit in Japan, British Prime Minister David Cameron stressed on UK’s active leadership role in helping Libya handle the menace of people trafficking and migration crisis.

UK HSM Enterprise is already operating in the Mediterranean and UK will be seeking UN approval for the new warship to seize boats taking arms and ammunition to the so-called Islamic State that has set camp in Libya.

If the approval is granted, UK would deploy the warship and will work closely with EU to tackle people trafficking arms in the central Mediterranean.

The UK also plans to send a training team to "assist" with the implementation of plans to help train the Libyan coastguard, Cameron added.

The move comes after images of a deadly capsizing boat were released on Wednesday by Italian Navy.

Nearly 6,000 migrants trying to reach Europe illegally through the Mediterranean have been reported.

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