Mass Graves Exhumation in Tikrit Underway

A few days after the Iraqi forces conquest of Tikrit from the Islamic State officials confirmed the commencement of the mass graves exhumation.

Forensic experts are exhuming mass graves believed to contain the remains of the soldiers killed by the Islamic State buried in the city. The graves are said to have hundreds of bodies killed by the militia last year during and after they took control of Iraqi’s second largest city.

Kamil Amin, of the Iraqi Human Rights Ministry said that they were looking in 8 different locations believed to have been sites of the mass killings.

The purported killings by IS that were evidenced in mass killings videos they released are those of over 1700 soldiers they claimed to have captured in the hostile takeover of the city in June last year.

The IS militants were driven out of Tikrit by the Iraqi soldiers backed by a US-led coalition and Iran-supported Shia militia. This was termed as the largest victory over the Islamic State since its breakout and global war against it.

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