Marwa Warns Terror-linked NGOs Recruiting Street Children at the Coast

Nelson marwaCoast regional coordinator Nelson Marwa warned terror linked charity organizations (NGOs) to stop recruiting street children in the pretext of helping them saying drastic legal actions will be taken against them.

Marwa warned of the suspicious charity organizations at the coast region recruiting street children in guise that they are rehabilitating them but their intention is to have them join terrorist groups.

 Government has launched investigations into such organizations in Kwale, Lamu, Malindi and Mombasa.

Marwa speaking in Witu, Lamu on Tuesday   made the revelations that some NGOs at the coast are operating on behalf of the terror-linked cartels. The NGOs are recruiting youth between 20 to 26 years who are underprivileged, unsuspecting street children; training them on terror related activities

street children

“We are aware and we are already deep with our investigations and very soon we shall have them brought to book. We won’t allow few people to take advantage of the desperate and poor people in the society and put the country’s security at risk,” said Marwa.

The tough regional coordinator warned the youth at the coast against joining criminal gangs such as Wakali Kwanza saying the government shall not spare any individual that deliberately disrupts security.

Marwa also pointed out that the government is keenly following activities of youths posing as fishermen, spending considerable amount of time at the sea with intention of crossing over to Somali and join terror groups.

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