Maghreb Countries Push For National Unity Government Formation In Libya

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On 6th September, Niger, Algeria and Chad through a joint statement urged and stressed for the need of an immediate creation of a national unity government in Libya.

The national unity government according to the statement could be the only way to resolve the conflict in Libya that has spilt over to her neighbors.

Libya has had two conflicting government since the ouster and death of Dictator Muammar Gaddafi by NATO forces in 2011 one in the capital Tripoli and the internationally recognized located in the east of the country.


Algeria’s Minister for African Affairs and Niger and Chad Foreign Minister in a joint statement on Sunday 6th September said stressed on the importance and urgency for the creation of a national unity government in Libya as a way to resolve the conflict there.

The statement suited that such a government would be very important and crucial in preserving Libya’s unity and territorial integrity in turn promoting people’s cohesion.

The urgency to create the national unity government has been fuelled further by the negative effects especially war and attacks spilling over to Libya’s neighbors; Chad and Niger to the south and Algeria to the west.

Libya has been engulfed in a conflict since the ouster and death of Dictator Muammar Gadhafi by NATO forces in 2011. Since the country has split with two rival parliaments one (General National Congress) in Libya’s capital Tripoli and the internationally recognized government situated in the east.

Additionally the statement comes at such a time when the two rivals resumed talks in Geneva to create a lasting solution for Libya. The United Nations expressed enthusiasm in the talks with an agreement hoping to be signed by September 20th and national unity government taking effect a month later.

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The formation of a national unity government in Libya will protect her territory with the recent months being characterized by influx of Islamic State Takfiri into the country to find haven and eventually convert Libya into an Islamic State caliphate and in turn jeopardizing the entire region’s security.

The agreement will be not only benefit Libya but also the Greater Maghreb both in terms of security and regional stability.

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