List of Al Shabaab Top Leaders Killed in Kenya Airstrike


Baardheere District, Gedo Region, 21/06/2015, 23:00

Five top level commanders of the Harakat Al Shabaab Mujahideen were killed on Monday 21st June 2015 after a Kenyan airstrike targeting their logistics and ops forward base in Baadheere, Gedo region of Somalia.

Yusuf Hajji,¬†Sheik Fidow, Barre Qooje, Sheik Shacir and Abu Daa’ud were all killed during the airstrike which was followed by a SNA ground forces assault.

Somali National Army troops drawn from their special force were flown to the theater and dropped to conduct an operation targeting top level commanders of the terror group.

The commanders were holding a joint meeting deliberating on how they terror group would conduct terrorism in Kenya and Somalia.

Sheik Fidow, Barre Qooje, Yusuf Hajji, Sheik Shacir and Abu Daa’ud were high ranking officials of the terror group.

There were masterminds of terrorists operations in both Somalia and Kenya including financing and commissioning of specific types of attacks besides tasking specific terror cells to terror operations.

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