List of Al-Shabaab Top Commanders Killed by KDF at Kolbiyo on Friday 27th/1/2017

Military Intelligence confirms that the following Al-Shabaab Terror group commanders leading 550+ militants to kill Kenya Army (KDF) soldiers at AMISOM base at Kolbio Somalia were killed by the KDF on 27/1/2017

  1. Abdullahi Badhaadhe: The Operations commander for the Saleh Nabhan Brigade (He was leading 120 terrorists). Badhaadhe is an Ogaden tribesman
  2. Ahmed Muse: Deputy Ops commander and deputy to Badhaadhe (A Habargethir tribesman).
  3. Maalim Bishar aka Dueysane: Abu Zebery brigade logistics officer (Galjeel tribesman).
  4. Sharriff Muhideen aka Isaq: Al-Shabaab in Juba Region Field Commander 
  5. Adan Deriye aka Timothy Jilac: Juba area terrorist field commander (Marehan tribesman).
  6. Faisal Ibrahim : Al-Shabaab Field commander (Huber/Boni clan tribesman). 
  7. Nuuh Daud: Terrorists Mortar unit commander (Asharaf clan tribesman).

More military intelligence shows that some Kenyans were involved in the attack. Over 6 of them were killed. 100+ militants were killed while KDF lost several soldiers. They were shouting in coastal Swahili.

The Juba Land leadership has congratulated the Kenya Defense Forces for their bravery.

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